What’s the Buzz About the indaHash ICO Release?

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indaHash, the global technology platform that connects more than 300,000 digital influencers with a combined reach of one billion followers to global brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, L’Oréal and MasterCard, has announced the launch of their indaHash Coin ICO with the pre-ICO set for November 8.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, has created a wave of fiscal opportunities and many companies are not hesitating to hop on board and ride the wave. indaHash is the first in the influencer marketing industry to create its very own indaHash Coin.

The indaHash Coin ICO release is grabbing the attention of media outlets around the globe. CNBC quoted Barbara Soltysinska, co-founder of indaHash.com, saying that it “makes perfect sense” for the digital business to launch a cryptocurrency. “With the introduction of indaHash Coin, we want to tokenize the influencer marketing world and create a revolution in terms of brand cooperation and audience development, solving a wide range of issues and challenges between influencers, brands and fan bases.”

If you’re curious how the indaHash Coin will work and the ins and outs of the new cryptocurrency, indaHash has already produced a video with further explanation:

As the use of cryptocurrencies is still new for a vast amount of people, there are many FAQs.

1. Why will influencers use the indaHash Coin instead of traditional fiat currencies?

The benefit of using indaHash Coins are clear. One prerequisite will be the personalization of tokens. The ecosystem created by indaHash will enable influencers to create their own personalized coins which has been unheard of until now. With the creation of their own tokens an influencer can use their tokens as rewards for their audience. These rewards can be given in appreciation for an audience’s loyalty or to motivate and encourage more activity from the audience’s side, such as likes and reposts. As audiences gather more tokens they will have the option to exchange them for offers from their favorite influencers, which could be anything from personalized prizes like shoutouts, signed gadgets, mutual selfies posted on social profile, face to face meetings, and other engaging social activities mutually beneficial for both sides. The possibilities are endless, and will be a practical aspect of the optimization of the relationship between influencers and their followers.

indaHash has also revealed a unique “Pay-With-Fame” feature. With this, influencers can exchange their indaHash Coins for various offers from brands, including but not limited to early access to exclusive and limited edition products, events, and/or workshops. This will be a groundbreaking change and help link the connection between brands and influencers adding a sense of exclusivity for influencers when they are offered products and opportunities that they may not have had the chance to receive before. This will also be advantageous for brands as their products and services will be viewed and used by more and more promising influencers.

The option for influencers to exchange their tokens for payout will be available as well. Influencers should know that if they are to keep them, the value will be expected to grow with time. Payout with indaHash Coins will allow influencers to be a part of the the booming industry of cryptocurrencies. If anyone has followed Bitcoin over the past few years, it’s quite obvious that coins can be something lucrative to hold on to.

2. How will the circulation of indaHash Coins look like for everyone involved?

Basically, according to the recently published indaHash Whitepaper ICO, “indaHash cryptoeconomics assumes indaHash Coin circulation between three groups of receivers: brand, influencer, audience”. The infographic below, provided by indaHash and featured in the previously mentioned Whitepaper, gives a detailed breakdown of the circulation between those three groups.

3. How is the indaHash Coin worth anything if it is not regulated by a country or central bank? Will the value change or be something static?

Barbara Soltysinska, CEO of indaHash, has answered these questions in an interview with investitin.com:

What gives indaHash Coin value?

As with all cryptocurrencies, the ultimate value of indaHash tokens is dependant upon the demand and supply and the economies of scale. The more the indaHash business grows, the greater the value of the indaHash Coin. Pre-ICO, the value of 1 IDH will be around $0.06 but the future value of the indaHash Coin will be determined by the market. What is unique about the indaHash Coin is the fact that indaHash will constantly buy back its own indaHash Coins to pay influencers for campaigns. So, indaHash will create and drive the growing value of IDH. Furthermore, the indaHash Coin value should reflect wider influencer marketing industry conditions and it’s commonly known that influencer marketing is the fastest growing media segment.

How will this value change over time?

indaHash will issue 80% of all tokens. In order to be able to settle the payments in the indaHash Coin, the company will regularly purchase its own indaHash Coins for the fiat currencies received from the brands. Then it will give the indaHash Coins to the influencers. This will constantly fuel the demand and the value of our currency and it will grow together with the dynamic development and expansion of indaHash as a business.

4. How will people outside the realm of indaHash influencers, brands, and the audience be able to invest in and become a part of the indaHash Coin community?

If you are familiar with the cryptocurrency market, you will be excited to know that pre-ICO token distribution starts on November the 8th 2017 and there will be a one week bonus period where a pre-ICO participants will receive a 40% bonus on their contributions. The main ICO will begin on November the 29th 2017 and last until December 20th 2017.

If the decision is made to invest into indaHash Coins anywhere between November 8th and 15th, the offer will be 4480 IDH for 1 ETH. Afterwards a 20% discount may be taken advantage of until December 6th, with an offer of 3840 IDH for 1 ETH, and from that time till December 13th the discount will be decreased to 10%. After December 13th normal rates will apply with the offer of 3200 IDH for 1 ETH.

320 million IDH, or 80% of all coins (400 million IDH), will be available during the pre-ICO and the ICO with registered users given the exclusive ability to participate in the token sale. An 18% maximum of the total supply of indaHash Coins will be used to engage and educate both new and existing influencers.

You can register for the pre-ICO, and find loads of useful information on indahash.com/ico.

So, what’s the buzz about the indaHash ICO release? We’ve covered the basics here, but be sure to be on the lookout for big things coming from indaHash for the influencer marketing industry and the world of cryptocurrencies!

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