Crypto Crash: #hashwar Until Craig S. Wright Is Satisfied?

Posted by on November 25, 2018 11:55 am
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November 14, 2018: Bitcoin BTC hovering above $6,300. The cryptocurrency market seems reasonably stable, ready to slowly recover after painful months.

November 25, 2018: Bitcoin dumped to around $3,600 after three crashes each every five days, tearing down the whole market. The third crash happened after a substantial trading volume increase for BCHSV.

Early January 2018 total market cap of the cryptocurrency market stood at a record all-time high of close to $796b dollars. Total market cap has since crashed to $115b at the time of writing.

The reasons for the dump are manifold. Niners seem to be loosing interest. Hash rates are falling. If miners stop mining, Bitcoin will not function. The crash since November 15 has another reason, pointing to the Bitcoin Cash BCH fork – as you know resulting in two camps hating each other’s guts, to put it mildly.

There’s the Bitcoin Cash BCHABC camp around “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver and the Bitcoin Cash SV BCHSV around Craig S. Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi and now doesn’t stop at anything to become the only ruler in cryptospace.

Whether Craig Wright is Satoshi or not has been dealt with here.

If you still believe in the man and his vision, you better watch the following impromptu interview he has given to Decentralized Thought, clearly drunk, with Scotch in hand, megalomaniac and oblivious to any harm he might be causing to the whole cryptosphere.

Here’s the video interview, watch the whole thing if you have time, below I’ll list the most important excerpts that leave little doubt what’s driving this man and what might be lying ahead for the cryptocurrency market. Oh yes, as long as he’s in command a.k.a. in control of substantial BTC funds he wants to see everyone bleed, until he’s in total control:

11:35: What is going to happen is we’re going to dog their tails until they run out of money. And then they gonna start selling, and we gonna dog them longer (…) and eventually they run out of money, and then we do something.

12:23: A lot of money to one person isn’t a lot of money to another (grabs some pricey watches, showing them off) that’s a Hublot Big Bang that’s about a day, that’s a 42 Patek, that’s two weeks, and that’s a Gold Rolex, that’s another day.

13:41: We’re selling BTC… we’re selling Core. Roger and Jihan have a lot of BCH… I know the figures… 1.5 millon BCH, and if they sell it and try to dump it all too quickly it will be about 10 dollars.

16:10: We don’t want to quit war, I want to burn them the fucking shit, I want to have no Bitcoin left with Roger, no Bitcoin left with Jihan, I want them fucking broke, I want them to burn everything they own.

19:23: Only the original Bitcoin is going to survive long-term, I don’t give a rat’s rectum whether you think otherwise, there has been nothing of Core value, nothing of Ethereum value, everything has taken things backwards.

27:30: (hashwar)… and we’re gonna win it. Have a fucking nice day, looser.

(cuts the transmission, goes to refill his Scotch, reappers…)

29:46: I want to bleed them, I actually said two months ago I wanted to bleed Jihan… I want to string him up, drip him out…

31:53: You guys thought this is gonna be over in a day… I want months. I want to bleed people. I said I am a fanatic. I want to bleed Jihan. I want to cause him pain.

This person, leader of the free new world Bitcoin promised?