CryptoPing, Altcoin Intelligence Bot to Hedge Cryptos

Posted by on May 23, 2017 4:15 am
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Cryptocurrencies are a bit of Wild West. Some with no fundamentals rise, others crash for no obvious reason. Now there is some guidance provided: CryptoPing, an intelligent bot that monitors crypto markets and notifies you when a security gets surprising amount of market action. CryptoPing claims long-term testing shows that trading by bot signals delivers about 10% daily profit. CryptoPing sees profits from altcoin fluctuations.

The cryptocurrency market cap has been getting rougher, as growing acceptance keeps on bringing in new investors to the cryptocurrency scene. So much so that one week ago, its total market capitalization was swelling past the $50 billion mark. At the time of press, it is currently at $67 billion. Bitcoin’s dominance is now below 50%, meaning altcoins such as Ripple, which saw its market cap rise 60x in 60 days, have been surging.

How many times have you missed huge pumps? Now you have an assistant that will help you to look out for profitable trades before any pumps even start. Real-time trading intel on altcoins as a service, at your service.

Enter CryptoPing, the altcoin intelligence bot that constantly monitors altcoin markets and generates signals traders can use to make a profit. CryptoPing essentially tracks anomalies that could signal an impending pump and dump and provides its users with real-time intel through Telegram messenger.

The steps are easy. Install Messenger desktop app. Then:

  1. Add the bot to your Telegram with a link CryptoPing provides.
  2. Send a message CryptoPing provides to the bot.
  3. Your account becomes linked and you can reload the page to see the latest signals.

CryptoPing isn’t free any longer. The ICO begins on May 25, 2017, and lasts for one month. After the ICO, users will be able to use the Ping tokens they acquire, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to pay for a subscription that will allow them to continue receiving intel. The platform will eventually develop into social trading app:

The platform will focus public trader rankings where users will be capable to pull up traders they suggest and receive signs from them. Following a profession is a paid service that produces higher revenue to public traders, while beginners will receive more reliable and profitable signals.

Looks like a neat tool, helping to understand what usually causes the altcoin pumps and dumps with greater accuracy. Though there is no way to guarantee success in any market — especially cryptos — , the Telegram bot CryptoPing may be one way of hedging a bet.